EMAEE 2009 Award Winners

EMAEE 2009 proudly announces the following award winners:

Best Ph.D. Paper Award

Frank Neffke and Martin Henning Svensson

for their paper "Skill-Relatedness and Firm Diversification"

The Best Ph.D. Paper Award (€ 1.000,-) is sponsored by the International Joseph A. Schumpeter Society.

Outstanding Ph.D. Paper Award

Zakaria Babutsidze

for his paper "Knowledge Dynamics and Size Distribution of Firms" and

Giorgio Triulzi and Ramon Scholz

for their paper "R&D and Knowledge Dynamics in University-Industry Relationships in Biotech and Pharmaceuticals: an Agent-Based Model"


The winners of the Best and Outstanding Ph.D. Paper Awards will receive pre-submission reports written by experienced journal editors from the EMAEE community. These reports are to encourage them to submit their papers to high-ranking journals, and to enhance their likelihood of being accepted there.