Location and Venue

About Jena

Jena has been a model city of innovation for more than 100 years. From modest beginnings, the local Zeiss company has grown into a global leader in optical technologies. After 1990 Jena has re-emerged as a vibrant center of academic excellence and innovation in high-tech sectors including optics, biotechnology, health care, and software. Jena has been commended as a role model for reforming the German economy by the Economist and the New York Times.


Conference venue will be the Volksbad, a historical public pool that was originally donated to the public by the eminent local scientist-entrepreneur, Ernst Abbe. In 2007 the Volksbad was remodeled into a state-of-the-art Convention Center.

City Map extract with train stations, Volksbad and institute's location highlighted

Local Sights

Zeiss Planetarium

The world’s second oldest planetarium offers a rich variety of educational programs and music shows, using the latest generation of Zeiss laser projectors (Am Planetarium 5)

Optical Museum

The museum traces the history of the Jena optical industry. It has Europe’s largest collection of historical eyeglasses. Zeiss’ first workshop of 1866 can be visited. Audio guides available in German, English, French and Japanese (Carl-Zeiss-Platz 12, Tue thru Fri 10am-4.30pm, Sat 11am-5pm).

Goethe Memorial

The Goethe Memorial in the Botanical Garden is a reminder of the longtime work of Johann Wolfgang von Goethes as poet, statesman and natural scientist in Jena (Fürstengraben 26,open Wed thru Sunday 11 am-3pm).

Schiller’s Summer House

Friedrich Schiller’s Summer House is one of the two remaining Jena residences used by the famous poet and university professor. Here he wrote the play “Maria Stuart”, parts of the drama “The Virgin of Orleans” and the Wallenstein Trilogy (Schillergässchen 2, open Tue thru Sunday 11am-5pm).

Trip to Weimar

Home of the German classics, the Bauhaus design school, Germany’s first democratic constitution, but also of the Buchenwald Nazi concentration camp. Today’s Weimar is an UNESCO world cultural heritage and the most artsy place in Thuringia. Further information: Tourist-Information Weimar (Markt 10) and Welcome Center (Friedensstraße 1).

Bauhaus Year 2009

The Bauhaus, Germany’s claim to fame in the world of industrial design, turns 100 in 2009. The Bauhaus was started in nearby Weimar and had a strong impact also on Jena, where several architectural Bauhaus masterpieces have been preserved. The Bauhaus Year (www.bauhaus2009.de) features numerous exhibitions and cultural events.

Exhibition “Das Bauhaus in Jena”, City Museum of Jena (March 22 - June 7)

Exhibition „Kurt Lusky“, City Museum of Jena (May 16 – July 26)

Exhibition “Das Bauhaus kommt“ (Bauhaus and Classical Weimar), Weimar Classic Foundation, Bauhaus-Museum, New Museum Weimar, Goethe-National Museum, Schiller –Museum (April1 - July 5) [www.das-bauhaus-kommt.de]

Pubs and Bars

Jena has many bars and pubs for different tastes. A good street for the nightlife in Jena and famous among students is the Wagnergasse. Close to the conference venue.

"Fiddler`s Green" Irish Pub

Original celtic style pub with a wide range of Irish and International drinks and meals, Live Music on some evenings (Bachstraße 39)

Cheers American Sports Bar

American drinks and food, good place to watch sports games (Johannisplatz 9)

Cafe Boheme

A mixture of bar and pub (Johannisplatz 15)

Café Stilbruch

Homely atmosphere with the best breakfast in the City, offering a wide range of coffees, drinks and sweets (Wagnergasse 1-2)

Where To Eat

Restaurant Zur Noll

A historical Restaurant of Jena with typical German food, famous among Jena’s University Professors (Oberlauengasse 19)

Gaststätte Ratskeller

Situated in the historical town hall with nice ambience and traditional meals of the Thuringia region, located on the market square in the city centre (Rathausplatz 1)

Brasserie EinStein

Café and restaurant with inside and outside seating, located near the historical city wall, offering a wide range of drinks, cocktails, food and breakfast (Johannisplatz 27-29)